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Commander in Chief's Inspection... Print E-mail
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Following on from the visit of the Marquess of Duoro (RAID 2010 - Lord Arthur Charles Wellesley ), 2013 - despite the absence of the Raid Hippico - brought the opportunity of another visit spanning the 200 years since the "Time of the Lines".

Mark Beresford, a distant relative of General William Carr Beresford, came to Quinta da Póvoa.

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General The Rt. Hon. William Carr Beresford, Viscount Beresford, Marquis of Campo Maior, (2 October 1768 – 8 January 1856), was an Anglo-Irish soldier and politician. A general in the British Army and a Marshal in the Portuguese Army, he fought alongside The Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War. He is widely credited with reorganisation of the Portuguese army which was disbanded and dispersed during the First French invasion. With Wellington's encouragement, Beresford quickly overhauled the Portuguese forces, bringing them in line with British discipline and organization, and from the General Headquarters (then at the Largo do Calhariz), he dispatched many "daily orders" altering points of the Infantry ordnance, creating a general command of Artillery, and establishing the separation of the battalions.  The good results of his efforts were proven at the campaign against Masséna in particular at the Battle of Buçaco, 27 September 1810 where the Portuguese troops played a prominent part, and also in the defence of the Lines of Torres Vedras.
One paragraph of the Wikipedia entry for General Beresford seems particularly appropriate :-
ImageIn the same year (1809), and the following year (Beresford) made tours of inspection of the corps that were found quartered in the various provinces and he corrected any defects he noticed and established rules for the functioning of the different branches of the military service.Image
This inspection passed off very well!

This was a special visit organised by the British Historical Society (BHSP ) in June 2013



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