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The Commanders Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 November 2007
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The Commanders
General Andoche Junot
Sir Arthur Wellesley
Sir Brent Spencer
Marshal Jean-Andre Massena
Admiral Sir George Berkeley
General Etienne Kellermann
General Sir Lowry Cole

Sir ArthurSir Arthur Wellesley was also the Chief Secretary for Ireland. He was responsible for much of the administration and as a consequence wielded significant powers of patronage. When Sir Arthur left Ireland, he left a deputy to run his department; it was only in April I809, after he had been reappointed to the command in the Peninsula, that he actually resigned his civilian position. 

The wealth of information, both in his own hand (the dispatches), contemporary accounts and modern biographies makes it difficult to present a concise impression of this key character "at the time of the lines", but some idea that he was not always preoccupied with "the art of war"  can be gained from this report of a sporting occasion .

(more to come..)

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