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Encountering the lines Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 20 February 2008
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Encountering the lines
Portela skirmish

October 1810

"Throughout the contest on the Serra, and in all the  previous marches, and those which we have since made, the whole army have  conducted themselves in the most regular manner. Accordingly all the operations  have been carried on with ease; the soldiers have suffered no privations, have  undergone no unnecessary fatigue, there has been no loss of stores, and the  army is in the highest spirits."
(Wellington, Dispatches, 30th september, Coimbra)

 Linhas de Torres

10th October, 1810.

Following the action at Buçaco (27th September 1810) the allied army, consisting by now of 34,000 British and 24,000 Portuguese (later to be joined by 8,000 Spaniards), retired via Coimbra to the Lines of Torres Vedras. The French, following close on their heels, massed their forces near Sobral, halfway between Torres Vedras and the Tagus.

11th October

General Sir Brent Spencer, Wellington´s second in command, moved his 1st division to Zibreira village, to face a strong body of French cavalry under General Montbrun.
The whole of Junot´s 8th corps arrived at Sobral and bivouacked nearby. A rough deep valley separated the forward outposts.

12th October

General Junot occupied Sobral de Monte Agraço in great strength.
General Spencer, was forced to retreat to the Archeira/ Mount Socorro defensive position, close to the to the Turcifal to Enxara dos Cavaleiros and Ribaldeira to Furadouro roads. He fixed his headquarters at Quinta da Póvoa-Almeirinhos- below Mount Soccorro.


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