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2008 Event - Results Print E-mail
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Monday, 31 March 2008

The third "Raid Hípico das Linhas de Torres Vedras" (CEN* / CEP   66km endurance ride) took place over the magificent - and intimidating - countryside around "the Heart of the Lines" on Saturday, 29th March.

CEP winner 

This unique event combines challenging riding through stunning countrside with a famous historical context. More than 30 riders took part. 

António Moura, riding "Uranico", had a second sccessive victory in the  Cen*  66 km, with an average speed of 13.6 km/h.
The  CEP event was won by Valter Costa (age 14), riding "Xapim", with an average speed of 9.92 Km/h.

Overall winner Antonio Moura and Uranico
Antonio Moura and Uranico leading at the end of stage one.

Overall Results

Raid CEN* 66.4 km
1º    António Moura / Urânico (Port)
2º    José Pedro Quadrado Filipe/ Ufa (Port).
3º    Ana Margarida Costa/ Goziane du Somail (Port).
4º    Pedro Godinho/ Olímpico da Ameira (Port)
5º    Duarte Cancela de Abreu/ Torre do Inquisidor( Port).
6º    João Susano/ Infante ( Port).
7º    José Pedro Filipe/ U-Patas Brancas (Port).
8º    Christelle de Oliveira/ Laika ( Fr).
9º    Luís Botelho/ U-vadio ( Port).

stage 2 in full flight

Raid CEP 22.1 Km
1º    Valter Luís Costa/Xapim (Port).
2º    Hugo Carvalho/Xara (Port)
3º    Nuno Maria/ Tulipa (Port)
4º    Victoria Jervas/Pwiglet ( U.K.)
5º    João Araújo/ U-Vinho( Port.)
6º    Daniela Costa/Xitara ( Port)
7º    André Pereira Esteves/Mailk ( Port).

near the end 

There's more on the Portuguese page, a picture gallery here , and the prize presentations .


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