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Tuesday, 03 November 2009

wines for the regiment The present owners of the Quinta da Póvoa have a direct link with the production of wines "at the time of the Lines" as recorded by one of the commissary officers1:

 "We stayed at Mafra until the 21st October.  I rode to Senhor Cammarata in Gradil, the wine merchant who supplied the regiment, and who had the most beautiful wine it is possible to get; his white wine in particular sparkled like goid as it poured out of the tap of his huge earthenware vat... In the evening we had large parties at which we smoked cigars and drank barbarously. Not once did any of us go to bed sober."

Francisco Rodrigues Camarate (" Senhor Cammarata") was a rich farmer and a business man of Gradil - living not in the village but the Quinta do Camarate at Porto das Barras-Gradil. Camarate is not a common surname in this region and today we can´t find Camarate family members, because Francisco Camarate had only daughters. Nevertheless he was the great-great-great-great grandfather of the present owner of Quinta da Póvoa - the tradition continues!

 1 "On the Road with Wellington. The Diary of a War Commissary
         in the Peninsula Campaigns" by  A.L.F. Schaumann,
         edited and translated by A.Ludovici,  London, 1924. p. 267.
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