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Riding the Lines with Wellington - Raid Hipico 2010 Print E-mail
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Friday, 05 February 2010

Tribute to the Duke of Wellington as horseman

The bicentenary running of the RAID Hípico of the Lines of Torres Vedras, sponsored by CARE, the Quinta do Vale do Corvo, and the Rota Histórica e Turística das Linhas de Torres Vedras, will take place on Saturday, 20 March 2010.

This competition is unique in Portugal, in that it provides according to the abilities of the participants, excellent training in endurance riding  with classification rates greater than 90% through scenery of rare beauty, noted for its enormous historical and tourist relevance.

The event is suitable for all the types of participant, comprising CEP competitions of  50km and 20km event for novices.

Two troopers 


The designated routes, long ago used by the Duke of Wellington and his armies, weave among the first Line of Defence of Torres Vedras, with special incidence in very atractive historical and scenic zones from the tourist point of view, that cross mountain summits with exceptional vistas, from where it is possible to see the Berlengas, the ocean, the fort of S. Vicente, Castle of Torress Vedras, the Mountain range of Sintra, the convent of Mafra, the Serra do Montejunto, the lezíria, the Cabeço de Montachique, the Vasco da Gama bridge. They deserve equal prominence, stops beyond the strong military roads, some of the property of excellent patrimonial and historical interest, such as religious monuments, historical villages and villas, windmills, and the Quintas where the commanders of the allied armies lodged during the defence of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

Good acessibility enables interested spectators to follow the competition easily, within a spectacular landscape and allows visiting of historical, private spaces which are normally closed to the general public.

The two main stages, each of 17km, of the competition will follow this route: Quinta do Calvel; Centro Histórico da Vila do Turcifal; Quinta do Manjapão; Campo Real/ Hotel Westin; Cadriceira; Fortes da Serra da Archeira; Caixaria; Quinta da Conceição; Furadouro; Alto da Portela; Quinta da A de Guerra; Bispeira; Pêro Negro/Moitelas; Serra do Alqueidão; S.Sebastião; Enxara dos Cavaleiros; fortes da Enxara; Quinta do Canto da Vinha, Quinta da Póvoa; Quinta do Vale do Corvo e Serra do Socorro (Wellington´s Eagle Nest) 

Planned start time: Quinta do Calvel (Coudelaria Vilhena D´Andrade): 10:30.
Expected finish time: Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Socorro: 15:30
Raid 2010 map link FEP logo
Route map (1.8MB JPEG)
Details (MS Word)
Road Book (MS Word)
Timings & GPS (MS Word)

Spectator Zones:

Serras do Socorro e Archeira.
Alto das Moitelas e Alqueidão
Enxara dos Cavaleiros

Special event - not to be missed!

The City of Mafra will produce a  historical reconstruction of Wellington's optic telegraph (semaphore station) from 15:30 at the summit of Serra do Socorro.


1º :500 euros & Voucher from Campo Real for weekend stay.
2º :300 euros & Voucher from Campo Real for weekend stay.
3º :250 euros &  Voucher from Campo Real for weekend stay .
4º:  200 euros & trophy
5º : 150 euros &  trophy.
6º : 100 euros &  trophy.
CEP 20 km.
1º: Plate medal , value 150 euros.
2º - 5º  trophies.
The organization reserves the right to adjust the monetary prizes proportionally to the number of registrations.

Cost of registration

Raid CEP 50 km
 50 euros, including 2 suppers at the closing ceremony which takes place in the XVIII century adega of Quinta do Vale do Corvo/ Serra do Socorro,  a building that served as headquarters for Wellington's second in command, during the defense of theTorres Vedras.
The organization will make available 5 boxes at the start point for the first competitors registering for the CEP 50km.

Novice 20 km.
25 euros including supper at the closing ceremony..
Registration forms for download (and return) are here:
"Ficha_de_Inscriçao_2010.doc "  and "Ficha_de_Inscriçao_2010.pdf "

Special package for foreign competitors:

For non-resident competitors of foreign nationality, the organization reserves a special package for registration: 2 suppers, one bedroom and one box, for only 75 euros.


Horse inspections will take place on Saturday 4 of April, from 8:00 a.m.  in the Quinta do Calvel/ Catefica ( Coudelaria Puro Sangue Lusitano Vilhena D´Andrade ) 800 meters from the exit of A8, Torres Vedras - Sul.

Additional information:

The organization also guarantees the competitors:
Double rooms from 30 euros.
Extra suppers at prizegiving: 25 euros..


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... and with support from:

Acolyte Science, APERCIM, Bombeiros Voluntários de Torres Vedras, British Historical Society, CARE, FLOREST, Quinta da A de Guerra, Quinta do Calvel, Quinta da Conceição, Quinta do Canto da Vinha, Quinta do Vale do Corvo, Quinta da Póvoa, Jornalinho do Campo..

Television coverage:

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